Our Vision

To face the challenge of social inequalities and empower the chronic addicts and their families enabling them for helping themselves. “HELP YOUR SELF TO HELP OTHERS”.

Multi-dimensional programmes conducted by NDRT in order to create mass awareness through seminars and TV shows.

This twin organsation is not only a recovery center but rehabilitates the entire family members who will also be very much co-affected with the disease. It is a training center for many, schools, colleges, and government and private organizations as there would be more than 4-8 awareness camps every month.

  • Awareness program in St, Ann’s college for 1500 students ( 1st P.U.C. and 2nd P.U.C)
  • Awareness program for 50 M.B.A Students
  • Awareness program for 380 nursing students in St.Johns Nursing college.
  • Candle making training program for lady prisoners in Central Jail.
  • Awareness program for Home Guards in Kolar.
  • Awareness program for home guards in Mulbagal
  • Awareness program for Home Guards and Fire Service Tumkur.
  • Awareness program for Home Guards in K.G.F
  • Awareness program for Home guards in Gulbarga
  • Awareness program for Home guards in Kalburgi
  • Awareness program for Home guards in Mangalore
  • Awareness program in Mysore Mineral Ltd Bangalore
  • Awareness program for Dakshina Kannada and Udupi Police Department.
  • Awareness program for Leading colleges at Mudbiddri.
  • Awareness program for Vidya Vahini College Bangalore.
  • Awareness program for IQRA Education Foundation Bangalore.
  • Awareness program for Shahi Exports Bangalore.
  • Awareness program on HIV/AIDS in slums of K.R Puram Bangalore, Slums of Modi Road Bangalore

Counseling center at D.G.P Head quarters Ulsoor Bangalore.

NDRT has taken up a Karnataka state wide training program for Home Guards, Fire Service and Civil Defense to impart awareness program with what is addiction is it a disease or a Habit? What are its effects? Who is a co-dependant? And what is a treatment and solution? Why is it necessary for them to have rehabilitation program rather than a psychiatry treatment? Such training are useful for them personally as well as professionally as they could come across such kind of critical cases at the time of their service. No organisation other than the NDRT has taken up such a meaningful programme to create awareness as well as provide training to the professionals such as home guards, fire service and civil service personnel.

This disease can be prevented or controlled only through awareness as of what is it? or Why is this disease killing the whole family? Addiction is a three-dimensional disease; mental, physical and social/spiritual. If one member of the family is an addict, it disrupts the mental and social equilibrium of the entire family. Unfortunately, even well-educated, socially forward and economically affluent families think wrongly that addiction is just a habit and not a disease which progresses slowly but surely. So, awareness about all aspects of addiction needs to be created among such families/society.

TV Programs

Awareness about addict - “Madhya Vyasani” Jagruti - through electronic media in November and December 2007, Live and Phone-in Programs about child personality on 03-07-2008 and 10-07-2008 in Udaya Varthegalu. Live and Phone-in program about addiction and identification of an addictive personality, disorder in Childhood, four interactive sessions in Hele Gelati program aired by Suvarna TV on family values in March 2009, panel discussion on examination fear in March 2009 in Suvarna News section; psychological effect on human behaviour on account of suicides aired on Suvarna News in September 2009.