Modesty & Humility are the characters of a service organisation.. NEW DAWN and SAFE & SERENE FOUNDATION is a multi-faceted socially conscientious organisation contributing towards building a mentally sound, physically healthy, culturally vibrant, morally robust and ethically strong society by a band of committed, dedicated and trained personnel. Based on the wide personal experience and vast knowledge spanning of about two decades, SAFE & SERENE has evolved the following strategies and action-plans – meticulous and multi-dimensional - to achieve the goal. (a) prevent youth from going towards drinks, drugs and other forms of chemical substances & non chemical substances by creating awareness about its ill-effects on one’s physical and psychological front besides damage to reputation of the self and that of the family; (b) bring the addicts back to the main stream by undertaking de-addiction and counselling as well provide them with skill training in order to find a respectable job so as to lead a life of their own with pride and confidence; (c) take up family counselling to help the addict’s family to cope up with the stigma, ignominy and trauma; (d) destitute home for women in order to bring the lost smile back on their face; (e) impart free skill training to boys, girls and women (non-addicts) from the weaker section of society in Computers, Candle making, Tailoring and manufacture of Jute products – aimed at economic empowerment of women; - all aimed at ensuring a wholesome development of society without any kind of divides in order to march towards A NEW DAWN with health, pride, self-respect and confidence. A Brief History of NDRT & SSF(R) In 1999, it was a modest beginning for what was destined to become a mammoth affair for the NDRT. After 11 years, NDRT remains a premier organization being run professionally for de-addiction, counseling and rehabilitation of men, women and children. We counsel not only the addicts but also the family members of the addicts and help them to cope up with the stigma. In a way, NDRT has proved to be a Home Away from Home for the addicts who not only get solace but also develop self-confidence, self-respect and skill training in order to lead a normal life with pride. Along with this we registerd a twin NGO in the Name of Safe & Serene foundation in the year 2007 for opening more Opportunity for extending our services to many more needy. NDRT ’and Safe & Serene other nation-building activities…… We also undertake comprehensive health awareness camps in various parts of the state with thrust on HIV/AIDS besides income generating programs for women, as explained in the preceding paragraphs. The thrust of the health awareness campaign with respect to HIV/AIDS is not to promote safe sex – that is a pervert way – but to advocate moral and ethical behavior pertaining to sex in the form of abstaining from sex till marriage; remain absolutely loyal to life partner etc, etc. People behind this success story:- Today, the brain and spine of all activities of NDRT group of institutions is none other than Ruksana Hassan, who is its father, mother and guru – all rolled into one. NDRT is her brain-child. Along with Ruksana, there is a yet another gentleman who was instrumental in giving shape to the idea of rehabilitation and counselling centre. It was Syed Saifulla Shah – popularly known as SSS. While Ruksana had tremendous knowledge about addiction on account of her academic background and constant interaction with diversified section of people, SSS had practical experience of the subject on account of his experimental experience. Thus, it was the blend of knowledge and experience that has made NDRT and Safe &Serene Foundation for what it is today as an intervention centers.


Dr. Ruksana By profession a child Psychologist, Teacher's trainer, Life coach, Motivational speaker for students, parents & a Therapist. A specialised counsellor for the drug abusers and alcoholic, with an experience of 28 years in rehabilitation centre. Special educator for EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION AND DEVELPOMENT. Dr. Ruksana holds a , PhD in social work & Humanity, from USA, Post Graduate in Master of Arts, Mysore University, Post Graduate in Diabetic health educator from St. Johns, Bangalore, Post graduate in Human Rights, New Delhi. Her second PhD from Mother Theresa university in counselling psychology. Presently doing her 3rd PhD in Applied Science from Rajasthan University. Completed Her research in a project about CSW in Bangalore city, women and child development, Government of Karnataka. Research about Addictive Personality (Childs Development Psychology. CDP.) which was done with the children of observation home (boys), Government of Karnataka. Awards conferred; For the outstanding service towards humanity was awarded Indira Priyadarshini Award by the President of KPCC, Bangalore. (Dr. Parameswar & Shree Siddaramaiah) Nominee of Kittur Rani Chennemma, Government of Karnataka (As the best social worker) Awarded by art Mantram, Bangalore for 'Go green Bangalore'.(JeejaHari Singh, D.G.P.) Awarded by Director General of Education and Training, Minister of Labour, New Delhi (Shri Sharda Prasad, DGET) Women’s Achiever award by N.A Harris Foundation, Bangalore. (Smt. Mottama & N.A. Haris) Started her career as a volunteer at women 's helpline, Commissioners of Police, Bangalore. Later took up projects for the Recovery Rehabilitation of the inmates in the central jail, Bangalore. Worked as a counsellor at the reception Centre and observation home, Bangalore. She was working as a PD for the Destitute women funded by the Karnataka state Wakf Foundation (GOK), also a trainer for skill training centre approved by the Apex training centre, Minister of labour. GOI. She was a trainer at the Fire Service department, under the Director General of police, Bangalore, Karnataka. She has presented her papers at many International conferences at Turkey Istanbul University & Egypt, trained teachers in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune & all over Karnataka. She was the Counsellor In Charge of Karnataka State Counselling Centre, V.V. Tower, Bangalore as an Advisor for the Karnataka state Minority Commission, 2011-2012 and also has designed Pilot Projects for the GOI & GOK. She is the founder chairperson of the First Rehabilitation Centre, which take cares of Men & Women with related history of Alcohol, drugs, Sex, Gambling Addiction. She is the first Minority women in India to have started such a unique challenging programme. Designed Mobile Computer & Tailoring Training Units, with the help of Ministry of Labour, which benefits for the Minority Girls who are denied education for various reason. First Rehabilitation for Minority CSW, with Employment plans and formation of IGG among these women. First Women to Conduct an Awareness Drive all over Karnataka about Addiction and the ill Effects of this use or abuse, for the Police, Fire Personal, Civil service personals, Director General of Police, Karnataka. In short she is a SIMPLE, STRAIGHT,SENSITATIVE & SENSIABLE PERSON. Her Title is “Smiley Girl of the town”. She builds a New Dawn in the Darkest dusk just with +ve Smile. Despites the onslaughts she has achieved these great feats in her life. For more please visit drruksana.in.